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Well...2020 was quite a year! We stayed in the house the entire time and shook our heads in disbelief!

I did manage to build this website and record and mix all the songs for Two Cities!  I will put whatever donations I get from this into doing a new project and hopefully one day, a Live show, but it all depends on if any people out here in the digital world even like what I've done. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what response I get. If you do donate to Two Cites or even just like the concept or even go to my store and buy a hat, I hope everyone shares the web link and tells as many of their friends as possible. 

As I reflect on everything I've written about myself I realize what an amazing life I have been given. So many good times and great friends! And I have been so blessed to be able to share it all with my best friend and greatest love Linda. 

There are many things I have learned through the years but as I read back over my life I see one constant issue that continues to rear its ugly head in my life and that's MONEY. When ever the potential of big money starts to get into the art it always has a way of corrupting and twisting and warping  your original expression into something that has nothing to do with your original intention. What you created from your heart and love and experience gets deformed by the greed for money until the very thing you wanted to say no longer really says anything close to what you wanted to say.

The scene in the  movie about Queen, Bohemia Rhapsody, when the band is in the record execs office and they are explaining the idea they have about this great song they want to record but its 6 minutes long and the record exec says you can't do that!  That has happened to me so many times and I have always acquiesced because I wanted it all to happen so badly. But finally, I think I have learned that none of that is important, and that what I have to say and the way I want to say it,  is all that really matters. 

So many times I was Almost Famous haha!  But I never really cared about all that! I wasn't even going to do this website or put my own name on my work as it has always been about doing the work and that has always been the fun and fulfilling part of it! I just love creating music and expressing myself and working with other talented people and building things and solving problems and helping others and trying to be part of the solution rather than the problem.  But Linda convinced me that I should stop being so stupid haha and just finish it and put my name where it belonged. So here it is.

I hope you all get through these times unscathed and you and the ones you love are safe and well. And I hope your lives will be rich and full of life, love, truth and friendships. I Look forward to hearing from you all. 


Who knows what tomorrow may bring. 


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