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Ras Karbi

Linda and I continued to stay in NYC and work on different projects over the next several years. We travelled back and forth between Nantucket and the city and while on the island I met this great guy Bob Lamb. He and I instantly became best friends and he asked me to go to Jamaica and produce a record for him of Ras Karbi a Jamaican musician who had just won the best new artist in Jamaica. In 1985 we spent six weeks at Music Mountain Studios outside of Kingston with Bob and Karbi and a group of great Jamaican artists.  After we finished recording, Bob had a film crew come to the island and video tape for a couple more weeks. We went all over the island and had an amazing time, with such great people. We returned to NYC and went to the Record Plant to add horn parts on the project with Arno Hect, sax player from the Uptown Horns,  and had Gray Russel remix the project for us. But unfortunately the industry had shut the doors on the reggae scene at that time and our project with Karbi was never signed. 

African Eyes By Ras Karbi - Produced by Chris Meredith
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About this time a company called Commodore had come out with the first color computer with sound for the home. Bob and I had both talked about doing a store together one day and this was the perfect thing for us to sell. We went on to start Mindworks Computer Store and we sold not only the commodore computers but hundreds of software games that were being developed for the platform. A perfect job for us, sitting around all day and playing games! We eventually got excited about franchising our business and so we took a long trip down the eastern seaboard looking for places that we could open new stores. We didn't find what we were looking for and by the time we returned we both realized neither one of us really wanted to be in the retail business anyway, so we decided to sell the store and we both ended up going off to do other things.      



Boys With Toys

Bob and I had way too much fun over the next years and during this time we started to write some songs together. Bob was not a musician but dabbled with the Bass for a while but he was a great lyric writer even though he doesn't know it! At one point he asked me how to get a song played on the radio. We had written this song called "She's My Girl" and I thought it might be a perfect song to show him how.  So we came up with a clever name for the two of us called "BOYS WITH TOYS" and we had the girls sing backgrounds and we called them the "BLUE SEQUINETS".  We waited till Valentines Day and took a heart shaped box of chocolates and put the song "She's My Girl" on a cassette and placed it in the middle of the chocolates and sent it to the woman who was the program director at WMVY Radio on the mainland as a Valentines day gift. Below is her response.  

Boys With Toys - Chris Meredith & Bob Lamb
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Even though Bob was not a musician he was more musical than most I have played with through the years. One of the best people I know! At one point in our journey together we wrote a bunch of other songs together and had always wanted to write some stuff for children. We decided to tackle the alphabet song and make a new one. We worked on the lyrics together and I wrote this music track and sang our new alphabet song. I still like this one better then the traditional one! Another song Bob and I wrote together was a tune called "Where Eagles Dare". I recorded this at my home studio and our good friend Tony Lee Thomas played guitar and sang lead and the lovely Jenny Porter sang backgrounds for us.

ABC Song - Chris Meredith & Bob Lamb
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Where Eagles Dare - Chris Meredith & Bob Lamb
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Bob & I continued to work on other things together including the Balloon Wizard, A software program I wrote for Miacomet Software,  but that story is in the next section MIACOMET. The Lamb Family will always be one of the best parts of our lives. Love you guys! 



Ray Kennedy, was another brother from another mother of mine. David Krebs introduced us and I asked him to come to the Record Plant one day  with Jack Douglas who was producing, and sing two songs from The Tale of Two Cities.  Ray was an amazing singer, horn player, musician and an incredible song writer! He wrote "Sail on Sailor" for the Beach Boys, and worked with artists such as Mick Fleetwood, Jeff Beck and a host of other great artists. Ray had called me to ask if I would co-write with him on a project that he was given by Ted Turner called Captain Planet. He came up to the island for about a month and we wrote and recorded 4 songs to present to Turner Broadcasting.  We also had a whole group of young kids from our school come to my house and record with us singing the chorus on one of the songs.  

Captain Planet - Ray Kennedy & Chris Meredith
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Unfortunately, the producers wife ended up doing some generic score for the TV show and we never got past the first stage but we always loved what we had created together. A couple years later Ray had sent me this video below and asked me to write some music for his friend Kelsey Grammer's new TV pilot show called "The Sketch Show. So I wrote, performed and recorded the front music for the pilot Title and Credits.

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There were many productions I produced at my home studio but one that stood out to me was this young woman Juliet. She came to me with three roughed out songs she had written on acoustic guitar and wanted to do a 3 tune demo. I spent a couple of months working on the tracks doing drums, guitar, bass and keyboard parts. She eventually submitted one of these tunes to the John Lennon Song writing festival and was a finalist. 

Movie - Produced by Chris Meredith
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Sleep With Me - Produced by Chris Meredith
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Hard - Produced by Chris Meredith
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I have a long history of playing music on Nantucket where I live and have many musician friends here. After Linda and I moved back to the island I ran into a friend Riely Hayford, a great blues guitarist who had put together a band with horns with this really great guy and drummer Ecliff Graves. The Band Ecliff and the Swingdogs became my life for the next couple of years and we must have played over 500 weddings and parties during that time. We also took several trips off island and played in Surry London and in Auckland New Zealand. A great group of musicians and  a great group of dear friends who I will never forget! One of the few shows that got recorded happened to be at the Chicken Box with Jimmy Buffet who the band played with in Italy Sardina for that famous Tyco wild party that marked the doom of Dennis Kozlowski. 


Jimmy Buffet with Ecliff and the Swingdogs at the Chicken Box