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Joan Walsh Anglund is the author and illustrator of more than 120 books that have sold over 50 million copies around the world in 17 languages. For more than 50 years Joan has been writing and illustrating wonderful children's and inspirational books and has produced Dolls, Collector Plates Figurines, Clothing, Greeting cards, Tea Sets, Glassware and a host of other products to numerous to mention here. The Anglund family and my family have been good friends for many years. Joan is old school, no internet, no cell phone, no newspapers...she is the most amazing woman and a gift to the world. I had this idea of trying to bring Joan into the computer age by making a website and trying to expose her amazing drawings and books and products to a whole new generation. So I built this website for her and made partnerships with paper companies, book companies and clothing companies to manufacture products built by the user using her artwork. 


I also designed and programmed and manufactured several Game & Book CD's out of Joan's work. The First one was from her famous book "A Friend Is Someone Who Likes You. I scanned all the images from the original book and then painstakingly frame animated each page using her original illustrations. Then I had Joan Read the book and I used her voice over on the cd so Joan would be reading her book to your child.

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The Second One I did was The Joan Walsh Anglund Coloring Book CD. Using Joan's original coloring books I wrote a paint program and then added about fifty coloring pages that the child could color on the PC and Print or just Print the uncolored page and color that. 


The Third one was The ABC Book CD. Once again I scanned the original and than cut out and frame animated each letter of the alphabet that she had drawn and I used the song that Bob Lamb and I had written the ABC Song as background music.