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One of the coolest things about SL is ones ability to create anything they can imagine!! And then actually sell it for real money!  This is another thing that has kept me in SL for years now. It does have a learning curve but once you grasp the basic toolsets and you learn how the script language works , SL is an incredible place to bring any idea to fruition. There is a Simple pop-up box that has a set of building tools using geometric shapes that can be squeezed, stretched, cut, sliced  and reshaped, colored and textured and made to move with a script. Everything you see is built from scratch and then scripted to rotate slide open close, play sound change shape etc. The possibilities are endless. Below are some of the more notable products I have built and sold over the years in SL. 



The Atomic Kitchen I am just finishing. This is a product that has taken over a year to create, script and build. I came up with this idea out of my frustration of not being able to talk other kitchen builders into giving me one of their kitchens free to give away as a prize for a show I was working on. I decided that I would just have to build my own and I would try and make it better than anything anyone else had built in the past. My vision was shared by my good dear friend and gifted builder Robin Linette . She worked tirelessly on the creation of all of the foods and objects inside the kitchen that make it come to life. Together I believe we have created the ultimate Secondlife kitchen. The amount of things inside the kitchen and the amount of things the kitchen does is simply overwhelming! 



Another product I created was the TRAX STAGE & LIGHTING System. This was born out of my frustration with lighting in SL. Most people were doing all these spinning rotating multi colored lights that didn't really represent true stage lighting. So I created a complete theatre lighting system based on how real lights are hung on stage. The Unit rezzes out bars for floor, side and overhead. Lights are then chosen and hung on these bars. Then through the brilliance of my partner at the time Tangle an amazing scripter, we created a way to program lights to change colors by moving through the color wheel from one to another. This gave us the ability to replicate true stage lighting setups and we put the entire system on a programmable board so one could write very sophisticated lighting cues and have a show run completely automated from start to finish.  It not only came with over 250 Lamps of different beam sizes and lengths it also included staging and an instrument setup through the controller board as well.



The LayZeeBones Super Sofa was one of my first large builds in SL. I had been trying to learn how to script and the best way to learn is to build something. So I took this idea of a guy lying on his couch and holding a remote control to the TV and just lounging like guys do haha.  You wouldn't have to move or go anywhere and the world would come to you. So I built this platform that would rez homes and rooms all from the comfort of your sofa.  There were 5 Homes and 7 rooms of furniture that could all be texture and color changed to create thousands of variations in each room. There was  a living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Dance Room,  Library  Exercise Porch and a Pool. The Platform could shoot up to any height on a sim and rez out the couch. Once you sat in the couch a popup menu would appear at the front of the platform that would than allow you to choose homes rooms and furniture to rez. A wonderful woman named EJ Barnes built the furniture with me.



BMR Records is the SLCD I created with a DJ Player and A CD Loader player and speaker system. It uses the media player portion of SL rather than the music URL portion. This allows one to play music anywhere in sl. I also created a product called the BYTE ME BOOM BOX AND BYTE ME DJ BOX that play streaming music off of my server into sl. The BMR SLCD is a complete music solution for original and cover tune artists looking to sell their music in sl. They are popup huds that are worn on your screen and play music in the air or from sim to sim. they come with speaker sharing that allows two people or more to listen to the same song privately or in a 30 meter area.

Art of Music


The Music Symphony is a complete stage educational system that rezzes all the instruments of music. It also plays symphonies and popular music as well as jazz , big band jazz, and all other styles of music. It was built with the idea of educating people in SL on the art of music and teaching people about instruments and what incredible sounds they make. Two great builders in SL built the instruments with me. Lillith & Jimi. 



Other Misc Products.


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