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Christopher Meredith's


Story, Music, Lyrics by Christopher Meredith

Adapted by Christopher Meredith from "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens

Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Christopher Meredith

Mastered by Jay Messina

© 2021 All Rights Reserved By Rockin' Horse Productions LLC


3D Virtual stage Design Concepts. 

Thanks for taking a Listen to  my show and my music.

A little bit on the concept of Two Cities. 

The show is intended to be a Live Rock concert with a narrator carrying the story line. A Six-piece band of revolutionaries, Seven Dancers choreographed to enhance each scene who help carry the storyline and Seven main Singers who sing each character's song. Special Screen effects, a movable set design, and a Rock lighting company. 

This show has never been produced in a live venue in its entirety...yet! Last year during the pandemic I not only spent my time recording everything but also spent a great deal of time designing 3d sets for my vision of what the show can look like live. 

I decided to add pictures here as backgrounds so you can see a bit of what this show might look like once it is mounted live on stage. The staging was designed to all fit into a semi-truck for bus and truck touring. The scaffolds on the left and right side are moveable as well as all the platforms on stage with instruments so the keyboards and drums can be moved around in different places during the show. The sets on the left and right sides actually are changed inside each scaffold and then rotated to display new shop faces towards the audience and it lets us change locations back and forth between Paris and London to help enhance the storyline. 




I have many other things I would like to do in the future with this show. One being the actual live performance on stage and the other is creating the first 3d version in a 3d theatre on my website.  hopefully If I get enough donations I will use the money to continue the quest to actually make these other things happen in the future. Until then, I hope you enjoy my music and the story and please send my website link to anyone else you think might like it as well. 

Below is a radio interview I did in a 3d world online that will give you an idea of who I am and what I'm trying to do with my music , my show and this website in the future. Thanks so much for taking your time to listen to my stuff! 

Be safe, Be well,  Christopher