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Story, Music, Lyrics by Christopher Meredith

Adapted by Christopher Meredith from "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens

Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Christopher Meredith

Mastered by Jay Messina

© 2021 All Rights Reserved By Rockin' Horse Productions LLC


3D Virtual stage Design Concepts. 

Thanks for taking a Listen to  my show and my music.

A little bit on the concept of Two Cities. 

The show is intended to be a Live Rock concert with a narrator carrying the story line. A Six-piece band of revolutionaries, Seven Dancers choreographed to enhance each scene who help carry the storyline and Seven main Singers who sing each character's song. Special Screen effects, a movable set design, and a Rock lighting company. 

This show has never been produced in a live venue in its entirety...yet! Last year during the pandemic I not only spent my time recording everything but also spent a great deal of time designing 3d sets for my vision of what the show can look like live. 

I decided to add pictures here as backgrounds so you can see a bit of what this show might look like once it is mounted live on stage. The staging was designed to all fit into a semi-truck for bus and truck touring. The scaffolds on the left and right side are moveable as well as all the platforms on stage with instruments so the keyboards and drums can be moved around in different places during the show. The sets on the left and right sides actually are changed inside each scaffold and then rotated to display new shop faces towards the audience and it lets us change locations back and forth between Paris and London to help enhance the storyline. 




I have many other things I would like to do in the future with this show. One being the actual live performance on stage and the other is creating the first 3d version in a 3d theatre on my website.  hopefully If I get enough donations I will use the money to continue the quest to actually make these other things happen in the future. Until then, I hope you enjoy my music and the story and please send my website link to anyone else you think might like it as well. 

Below is a radio interview I did in a 3d world online that will give you an idea of who I am and what I'm trying to do with my music , my show and this website in the future. Thanks so much for taking your time to listen to my stuff! 

Be safe, Be well,  Christopher


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3D Virtual stage Design Concepts. 

Complete Show with music, narration & Lyrics 


Complete Show Run Time - 2:20:00 - Act I Run Time - 1:16:00 - Act II Run Time - 1:04:00

Plays the Entire Show with Narration, Songs  & Lyric & Text Pages.


SONGS ONLY (No Narration or Text Pages)

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Original Book

"A TALE OF TWO CITIES " By Charles Dickens

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Story, Music, Lyrics by Christopher Meredith

Adapted by Christopher Meredith from

"A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens

Joe Butcher (Jerry Cruncher)

LEAD VOCALISTS                     

Rudiger (Charles Darnay)                                           
Rachel Gavaletz (Madame Defarge)                         
Jennifer Cella (Lucy Manette)                                     
Justin Morgan (Sydney Carton)                                 
Freddy Krumins (Marquis Saint Evremonde)          Onur Cobin (Ernest Defarge)                                       
Pete Mroz (The Judge)                                             
Monique Timmermans (Miss Pross)                          Tom Stoddart (Lawyer Stryver)               
Shawn Radley (Jerry Cruncher)                 

Ray Kenndy (Marquis's Laugh)
Christopher Meredith (Gaspard & Roger Cly)

Christopher Meredith

Kenny Howard                                             
Christopher Meredith

Jonathan Brickley                                               
Jon Pousette-Dart                                             
Christopher Meredith

Jon Pousette-Dart                                             
Adam Bomb                                                                 
Paul Pesko                                                                   
Tony Bellantoni                                                           
Jonny Therrien                                                             
Christopher Meredith

Paul Weddle                                                                 
Tom Stoddart

Marge Raymond                                           
Steve Augri                                            
Linda Meredith
Christopher Meredith
Recorded at Rockin’ Horse LLC Studios
Island, Massachusetts U.S.A.
Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Christopher Meredith
Mastered in NYC by the amazing Jay Messina
2 Cities Web Design & Build by Christopher Meredith

Album Cover Design Christopher Meredith

Coin Graphic by Alesia Kaye

Bio Background Art - Richard & Nathanial Pousette-Dart
Special Thanks to everyone in my family that are no longer with us. Love you all and see ya all soon!
To Linda Meredith - The Love of my Life!
The years you have had to listen to this! You have been it’s inspiration and it’s lifeforce ever since I wrote it in our little room in New York City.  Without you, none of this would have ever been created or finally come to fruition! This is your accomplishment as well as mine! Love You FOREVER!
To all who Donate! I so appreciate your support and hopefully if I make enough through donations, I will be able to fund the mounting of the full show on stage one day. A great band together with great players and singers and dancers and lights and all that goes into doing a live rock and roll show. Until then I hope you enjoy the story and my music and the talents of all those who went into helping me make this a reality. It has been a labor of love that has taken many years to complete and has gone through many incarnations but this is the one I always envisioned for my work. And one last thanks to David Krebs who believed in my music and my show and who supported it for so many years. It may not be what you thought it should be, but you helped keep it alive all these years and for that support I thank you.     
Other Thanks: Juliette Mann, Steven Tyler, Warren Kishner, Steve Leber, Johnathan Stuart, Felix Pappalardi, Richie Supa, Doug Kershaw, Joe Leonardi, Bobby Lamb, Anonymous Actor, Craig Alexander and all of the other people in my life who I have had the pleasure of working with. And thanks to all those who lent thier talent to my creation. And to all those who inspired me. I thank all of you over and over again! 
For my brother Greg
© 2021 All Rights Reserved  By Rockin' Horse Productions LLC
The Making of 2 Cities


Thanks so much for supporting my music with your purchase.
I hope you enjoy it.

It has been a long and amazing journey to not only conceive and write this adaptation, but to also write all the music and lyrics, and play, record, and mix all these songs, and then have them mastered by one of the worlds great engineers, Jay Messina. It has all been a wonderful gift.

This website is also part of my vision that we as musicians need to embrace all this new technology and add it to our creative expression. Remember the days when we use to have inserts in our albums or liner notes that gave our fans more insight into who we were and where our music came from. And the days of concept albums where we created more than just canned singles designed for radio play and commercial success. Animation, Video, Graphics, Sound and interactivity,  can add a whole new dimension to our musical expression and are a new pallet of colors we can paint with. I encourage more artists to share in the creative process online and embrace the technology. This is just the beginning of many wonderful works of art that will come in the future when we all start to work together and share our creative ideas. 

I have gotten to work with so many wonderful talented people in the making of this through the years. I will always be grateful for the experience and to all those that have lent a hand, 

I can only hope that enough people buy this access so I can eventually use the money to mount the complete live performance of 'two cities' as the arena rock show it was always meant to be.  If and when that day comes, you, who have supported me will be the first to hear about it and I will create some sort of special ticket for all of you to be part of it.  pass on a link to the site and share with anyone you might think would enjoy this. And I hope everyone will come to see the final fruition of this project of mine as I now let it out into the world for the first time as my complete thought.

The Making of Two Cities spans over 40 years now and was first created back in our little
apartment in NYC. I wrote and recorded the entire first version of the show in about 4 months. I
used an old 4 track teac recorder and a polymoog for all the tracks.  I hand walked in the final tapes I had made into the NYC management company, Contemporary Communications Corporation, run by David Krebs and Steve Leber. I asked the Leber-Krebs Secretaries out front to shut the phones off and lock the doors to David & steve's office so I could play the show to both of them in it's entirety without interruptions. I left with my first contract.

Over the next 40 years the show was signed 5 times, rough recorded 2 times in different versions, many of the  songs were recorded with about 30 different singers and it was performed in a full Broadway workshop showcase one time. I wrote 7 different versions of the show. my original version, A modernized version, an early narrated version, 2 full Broadway books , one I wrote myself and the other i co-wrote with Juliette Mann, another narrated book with jerry cruncher as the main narrator character and a version with an Anonymous Actor and finally this one. And through all that, it still has never been mounted live or shown to the public! WOW.

And once the pandemic hit, I spent all of 2020 re-recording the entire show in my studio at home. I found singers on line on different web sites and got them to perform on each song. It was a long process finding the right mix of people. I had to make instrumental copies and then sing each song myself and then write instructions and then wait for tracks to be sent back from them and then make revisions of all 25 songs. Then once I had all the final tracks finished, I had to remix the entire show. each of the 25 songs had about 25 tracks that I had already recorded and with the new tracks each song ended up with about 35 tracks of music that I than mixed and sent down to NYC where the amazing and gifted award winning Jay Messina mastered all the songs for me. I than had to bring all the mastered tracks back into my studio again and record all the sound effects and edit the 25 tracks of narration and then re mix and master all of them one final time. Phew!

I spent another several months building the website and doing all the graphics and re-writing and porting over the script and lyrics to the web and figuring out how to create and stream the show and also how to sell and market it all.  I then designed the logos and all the products in the merch store and figured out how to get everything ready to push the PUBLISH button. And finally, I had to decide on what I'd sell it for, probably the hardest thing out of all of it I had to do!  haha.  It started at $12.95, a fair price and worth it to pay for my work.  But then dropped it to $9.95 and finally just wanted people to hear it so I decided if people liked it maybe they would support it and donate whatever they could. But it's all done now and I really hope you enjoy this vision I've had for so many years. this really has been a labor of love and I'm so honored to be able to make it available to all of you finally. If you want to know more about the making of 'two cities' or anything else about me or my music, my creations or anything else ive done in my life, check out the Internet autobiography that I also added.  

And in closing, I can only hope that we as a species on this little planet, hurtling through space and time, will all one day, evolve enough to remember, that the most important thing we all have is, LOVE and EACH OTHER!

May All of you and the ones you love Be safe and Be well.

Thanks again, 

Christopher Meredith 




I really hope you enjoyed my music and the story. Please let me know what you thought of it. I don't have time to respond to everyone but I will try my best to get back to all of you when I have time.

Thanks so much for your  support.           

Christopher Meredith
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